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tiffany+allen | bridal session | gastown+jericho beach

i love photographing bridal sessions because it’s such a fun and relaxed time for kick-ass bridal images! tiffany+allen showed up beaming from ear to ear because they’re all dressed up and looking really sharp! and there’s no schedule to rush to; they have all the time in the world! i love it!

allen looks so great in his suit, and tiffany is smokin’ hot, thanks in part to the talents of the ever-so-lovely hair+makeup artist jayna marie of jayna marie hair+makeup! we headed out for some images with tiffany’s friend, vivian (another STUDIOjeanie bride) being an awesome helper … here are some of my favorite images! (:


thank you for such a fun time, tiffany+allen and vivian! i hope that you have a fabulous wedding in hong kong in november! (:

the fabulous brock house show is this sunday!

wondering what to do this weekend? have a wedding to plan?

how about this? – the annual brock house wedding show is on from 11am to 7pm! there will be tasty treats and luscious designs to check out for all of your wedding planning needs!

…want to WIN a ticket? be the first person to email me, and you may be one of the two lucky recipients of a VIP invitation! …brides only, please (;

veil | september 12, 2010

hello everyone!

i wanted to extend the invitation to you …

on september 12th, 2010  a small group of select wedding vendors will be hosting an informal party at the beautiful hart house in burnaby for couples like you who are currently planning their weddings. join us to ask questions and to seek advice from seasoned wedding pros without the crowds and sales pitch environment of the traditional wedding shows.  this is a fun and interactive event so grab your fiance or friend and join the fun. admission is FREE!

rvsp details as follows … hope to see you there!

newly wed | jeanie of STUDIOjeanie tied the knot!

hi everybody!

there’s been a lack of activity recently because ian and i flew away to scotland with our families to be wedded! i’ll be out of town from now until the end of august, and so won’t be available work-wise, but want to share an image that my brother from [ stu-di-O ] took of ian and i after we were married.

needless to say, ian and i feel very fortunate and honored that my brother consented to be our official wedding photographer. his images are ethereal and timeless, and we are looking forward to be hanging his artistic captures of our cherished moments on our walls.

thank you for your patience while we enjoy our honeymoon! (:

joanne+vo | wedding | pitt meadows

i’ve been waiting for this wedding for a while now! joanne+vo burst into my studio with so much energy, i knew that i had to give as much back. i dreamt of delicious locations – who says pitt meadows is all about … well, meadows?

watch out, world! ready or not, here we come!

hmm…something looks familiar here… why are they wearing aprons like the caketopper groom? in case you’re wondering, vo is the owner of stix, an awesome noodle-and-grill restaurant on commercial drive. head over there for their kabobs – they’re amazing!

the boys look so hilarious! and studious at the same time! who knew that could be so easy?

the big dice rolled the fate of to kiss-or-not-to-kiss. great way for any excuse to pucker up!

this was a fun and hilarious version of the infamous shoe game. two other couples pitted their i-know-you-best skills against the bride+groom. i think the results were rigged (;

a huge shout out to tracey for wearing the STUDIOjeanie hat that day!

and many many hugs to joanne+vo for exchanging their i-do’s with so much fun! i had a blast – thank you!

leanne+justin | wedding | marine drive golf course

she loves books and he loves music. you may remember leanne+justin from their lifestyle session blog here. well, on a gorgeous summer day, leanne+justin said their “i do’s” amongst those nearest and dearest to their hearts. and yes, i mean their family and friends too (;

the wedding was planned beautifully by sarah from dreamgroup productions, and with vendors like halfyard designs who can make any places gorgeously luscious, and photobooth vancouver to bring tons of fun into the night’s activities, it was a wedding to remember!

as justin’s dad looks on, a surprise knock on the door presented justin with a gorgeous guitar from leanne. COOLest present ever!

leanne had something old and something new. justin hit the jackpot with a delicately beautiful necklace from any girl’s favorite jeweller.

the books set the stage for the night’s decor at marine drive golf course. there were books everywhere! being a bookaholic myself, i was in HEAVEN (:

it was the perfect union of books and music!

aren’t these cupcake holders to die for? i want them in MY wedding too! (:

part of the night’s entertainment – screeching the sy family into the hurley clan! it involved an MC dressed in rain gear, hilarious commentary done entirely in newfie english…

… and everybody’s special friend for the night – charlie!

it involved a shot of screech rum, and a mandatory kiss on the fish’s lips. makes for tons of great photos, let me tell ya! (:

the fish made its appearance on the dance floor, of course, but i think that justin much preferred leanne as his dance partner (;

it was such a night to remember! thank you for all the laughs and giggles, and details to photograph! i love that you brought so much of your heritage into your wedding day! it was truly inspiring! have a wonderful time in newfoundland, leanne+justin!