shannon+omer | the stanley theatre

when tracey and i put forward an idea of making one 2010 couple’s wedding dream come true for photography, we made a wish of our own – that the couple we chose would be able to take this gift of photography and use it to capture the wedding day of their dreams.

shannon+omer did just that. this post is of one very special wedding won by a couple whose words reached out and touched both of our hearts. and so, i thought that i would invite someone who is very close and dear to the bride to write about shannon+omer.

… from the heart of the maid-of-honor – alisen down –

“i was so happy when shannon told me she and omer were planning to marry. i have been “pro” shannon+omer as a couple for around 8 years. i KNEW this couple was destined for each other: how they light up around each other, how they have their own language that seems so effortless and yet so unique to them, how, when they look into each other’s eyes, the love literally pours out of them, how they just seemed to fall into each other’s lives with their swing dancing and event coordinating, and how, even when they tried to disengage from each other’s lives, they found each of their individual lives were not complete without the other in it.

i have never met a couple who I would apply the word “soul mates” to, but i have to tell you from the bottom of my heart and with all the truth i stand for, that these two people are soul mates to the core. so naturally i was unbelievably happy when shannon told me that she and omer were engaged and completely stressed out when she told me it was happening in 7 weeks! WHAT?! i had no idea how they would pull off a wedding on such short notice, how was this possible?

i of course forgot whom i was dealing with. these two special people managed to pull off one of the most unique, entertaining, funny, touching, and frankly, magical weddings i have ever been to. from a spectacular ceremony at the stanley theatre to the mehndi artist to the swing band (to shannon’s three hair changes), this was a wedding to be remembered. these two didn’t need a year or two to plan this wedding, all they needed was each other, wonderful friends to help out and a love that i know will continue to inspire me the rest of my life.”

thank you for your beautiful words, alisen (:

and shannon+omer, thank you for sharing your beautiful day, family and friends with tracey and i. click here for tracey’s unique perspective on shannon+omer’s wedding. congratulations on a beautiful wedding well accomplished, and i wish you so very much love for years and years to come!


4 comments on “shannon+omer | the stanley theatre

  1. tracey says:

    oh so very lovely. i love you posted..

    sigh. i love you so much. 🙂

    and shannon and omer – they were so amazing.. big happy sighs!!!!!! xoxo

  2. Gwen Franco says:

    absolutle ravishing Jeanie, and such inspiring words from Alisen!

  3. Cahy Empey says:

    Beautifully captured day! I know the two little kids that were a part of the ceremony! Their Mom told me to come and check it out, so I did! ! Love it all!

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